The Graphics Language Transmission Format, also known as glTF, came to bridge the gap between 3D production (within 3D modelling softwares) and 3D consumption (in modern graphics applications & game engines).

Let’s remember the context before glTF was born. Before 2015, the year in which the format was released, 3D modelling formats required a long conversion process to be loaded on game engines. Moreover, there were only a few popular formats that allowed to make this transfer less painful, like FBX and OBJ.

FBX is a rich and well-known exchange format supporting most 3D data information such as meshes, NURBS…

Santa-Claus was generous this year, with an incredibly rich release!

This new 2020.2 version of our software comes with 3 key areas of improvements:

  • We inspired ourselves from the best optimization technics in the gaming industry and put them in your hand, to always achieve the better quality / performance ratio, in your 3D experience. Besides we are supporting now Solid & Skinned mesh animations.
  • JT, glTF, USD and FBX, Recap, RVM+ATT, formats new and enhanced imports/exports.
  • Fast & easy data preparation is also a matter of good UX. …

RVM file open on Pixyz Review

If you’ve been in the CAD industry for a while, you may know that RVM (Review Model) is a native export file format form AVEVA Plant Design Management System Model, better known as PDMS, the first 3D design software developed in 1974 and is at the very origin of CAD.

Long story short, AVEVA PDMS gives you the choice of exporting different formats such as .pdms (native), .STP .DXF and the like, but when it comes to exchanging & reviewing data, RVM is the format you’re going to want to use.

Give RVM a try if your work includes reviewing…

JT logo file format

The Siemens JT (Jupiter Tessellation) format has been on the rise for years now, and to be exact, since the ISO approved it as an international 3D model visualization format back in 2012!

This format is the best when looking to have a holistic approach to a manufacturing project. Simply because JT extension is used in product lifecycle management (PLM) systems. So, all actors in the production cycle can easily communicate when they design, analyze, optimize and produce a product.

As you can see this format is ideal for manufacturing companies, and is widely used in the automotive industry as…


PiXYZ Software is the new solution for large CAD data automatic preparation, optimization & review, at scale for VR / AR.

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