What about RVM? (for the AEC industry)

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RVM file open on Pixyz Review

If you’ve been in the CAD industry for a while, you may know that RVM (Review Model) is a native export file format form AVEVA Plant Design Management System Model, better known as PDMS, the first 3D design software developed in 1974 and is at the very origin of CAD.

Long story short, AVEVA PDMS gives you the choice of exporting different formats such as .pdms (native), .STP .DXF and the like, but when it comes to exchanging & reviewing data, RVM is the format you’re going to want to use.

Give RVM a try if your work includes reviewing every pipe, beam, nut, bolt, and cable from a project you’ve designed! It’s a particularly great format to exchange data within teams, and is especially liked by plant, marine and power industries.

That’s all good and well, but I’m still not sure what’s so great about RVM:

No one wants to be looking for a needle in a haystack, yet we know a lot of you had that feeling when trying to pinpoint a specific pipe during your 3D model reviews. The good news is: RVM allows you to export the original hierarchy of your asset, so you and your team can find and interact with any elements.

If you export your project in RVM, it will carry its precise geometry: primitive basic forms (parametric shapes and polygonal mesh). This is great for reviewing as you will be able to check the exact characteristics of each element/form (height, radius…) and this way everyone stays on the same page before a project gets launched!

One particularity of AVEVA PDMS is its ability to generate 2 types of files upon the export of the model: a main file, that stores the geometry and hierarchy of the model, and a second one named attribute .(att), with metadata. For the latter, it is up to you whether you want to create it or not.

Either way, metadata gives context and increased usability to your 3D model, so why compromise? Export both! The best part is that the RVM format can bind itself to the attribute file to assign the correct metadata to its matching object (within the revision software used).

.rvm and .att is the perfect combination to export your model as the original design.

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.RVM & .ATT imported on Pixyz -> View it on any device

Pixyz 2020.2 & RVM format

With the 2020.2 version of Pixyz products, RVM files import is improving:

  • In speed
  • In memory consumption
  • In support at import for Instances (allowing more performance on large models)
  • In support for Metadata included in *.ATT files

No more being left in the dark! When reviewing a project, it’s important to get information on each and every element whenever you need to and we get that! That’s why at Pixyz, we already made sure that no metadata loss would occur during import, so moving forward, you’ll also be able to access it (thanks to .ATT files binding.)

RVM extension are not compatible Real-Time applications visualizations! That’s why we let you export in the neutral format that suits you best: FBX, USD, glTF/glTB…, blazing fast.

Navigating from one part of your model to the next can take time and things can get blurry. Especially when you fly through your model. At Pixyz, we don’t think this should be the norm and opted for a smooth navigation, no matter the size and complexity of your project it should be sharp, and it should be fast!

With our powerful viewer and review tools (isolate, transparency, cutting edges, explode…) get ready to explore your project on a 1:1 scale!

Geometry (CAD) and real-time experience don’t get along. Interact with your models and get them ready for immersive experiences by converting your patch-based CAD file to an optimized-polygonal mesh thanks to our best-in class algorithms. This can be done in our dedicated staging tool: Pixyz Studio or directly inside Unity, with our Pixyz Plugin

Choose between inspecting and visualizing a project on your computer or walking right through it in one click. Getting inside an oil plant from the comfort of your own office has never been so easy, with Pixyz Review ! Check how to on our Youtube channel

Start reviewing your RVM files in a smart way!

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